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Tower coverage R2-Vp.png


TNT Tech currently serves the area covered in green in the map.


If you are inquiring about service and live in the areas to the left, we more than likely serve your home. 

What Do You Need For Service?

  • TNT Tech does not rent routers. Each new customer with TNT Tech must have their own router.

  • We have routers for purchase that comply with our network very well. We highly reccomend using one of our routers upon hook-up.

  • If you own a router that you would like to continue to use, we can connect to it as long as it is a wireless router. However, we will not provide ongoing support to maintain routers we did not provide. 

  • Once the installation of service is complete, customers will recieve an email from our system with log in instructions on how to access the Client Zone where all billing can be taken care of.

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