Custom WiFi Systems

Do you have multiple outbuildings or multiple homes on your property that all need service?

Are you needing multiple internet access points for security systems or cameras?

Would you like to add internet service to your barn or shop?

We specialize not only in providing internet service but also in integrating cameras, gates, multiple buildings, or creating a "bubble" of wifi service around your entire property. 

If we can't serve your home with our internet service or you are happy with your current provider, no worries! We can expand your current service to support multiple access points.

Custom Electric Gates

  • Opens upon arrival

  • Tied to security system

  • Solar-powered

  • Remote access

Multi-Building Access Points

  • 2+ WiFi access points

  • Blanket of service over the property

  • Cover multiple buildings

Integrated Security System

  • WiFi cameras

  • Alerts

  • Remote access

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