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What once was a divided neighborhood on the Mesa grew to a close-knit group of friends with booming businesses and a need for better internet connection. A neighborhood block party quickly turned into a brainstorming session of how to bring the neighborhood and, eventually, the entire area the most reliable, most affordable internet in Southwest Colorado.

Today, we are proud to have secured sites surrounding the entire San Juan Basin to ensure being able to deliver to thousands of homes in need of better connection. In the age of a need to do daily tasks online, online school, working from home, running businesses from home offices, not being able to visit family, etc., we understand the desire to be connected. Our combination of new, state of the art equipment and transmission of Ubiquity Airfiber sets our service apart from our competitors. Additionally, we beam every single home or unit back to the main source of Internet, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity 24/7.

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The Brain

He's the brain of our operations, the dreamer, the passionate one. He is our idea man with a wealth of knowledge and 'how-to'. Not only is he brilliant he also loves spending time outdoors in nature, drinking good beer, and loves Durango. He's driven to give back to our community and make it a better place to live.


El Jefe

Owner of Adventure Inn Durango, Nigel's greatest passion is working with others to achieve their dreams. He is an avid beer lover, life enthusiast, and dreamer. Nigel cherishes each day as a gift and chance to make the most of each moment for everyone around him.


Squirrel Wrangler

Quiet and level headed, Tammy is the unifying force of TNT Tech, Adventure Inn, and our wild group of neighborhood hooligans. She keeps everyone on task and driven by a warm and loving heart. Nourishing a deeply rooted work environment where everyone knows they are valued.


The Guru

Some hear "Jack of all trades, Master of none," and think it is a bad thing. Joe proves those people wrong. There is nothing he cannot handle, learn, or fix on the fly. His quick wit, intuition, and emotional intelligence make him an irreplaceable asset for every task.


The Character

No company is complete without the character of the group. Jordan lights up a room when he walks in with his sarcastic, playful nature, huge heart, welcoming smile, and big, booming voice. There's nothing that will scare him away from doing a great job.



Cassie is a valued member of the family. She desired to venture out of the confines of  a degree with a glass ceiling. She's a passionate dreamer with wild ideas, has a heart of gold, and a desire to connect people, and to discover how to better serve our team and clients.


Git-R-Done Guy

Having been in construction his entire life, Stewart has a wide depth of information regarding the structural integrity of buildings and businesses. His long list of accomplishments in life makes him an invaluable asset to the team.


Cyber Ninja

This young genius continuously amazes our team with innovative ideas and streamlined processing. You would never guess that this quiet young man has won multiple awards for outstanding innovations amongst the Durango community.

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